RV Camping


Our RV camping area allows you to roll with up to 8 of your friends in your Recreational Vehicle. We provide the camping area…you provide the RV (and the friends). Our dedicated area lets you take advantage of the comforts of hanging, sleeping, partying & doing whatever else you do, right in your RV!

Your Festival Ticket(s) +

Available in 1-8 person bundles. Learn about bundles here.



Important: If you are thinking about purchasing an RV camping pass, please read this page carefully.

RV camping festival-goers require ONE RV pass per RV and each fan camping in the RV needs a 4-Day Camping Festival Ticket.

  • Your RV must have proper bedding accommodations in order to be allowed into the RV camping area. Sorry, no sleeping in the seats!
  • RVs will be required to have an RV pass prior to entering the festival camping grounds, and every person in the RV must have a festival ticket.
  • Up to 8 people may ride and camp in an RV, subject to provincial law regarding passenger limits and proper seating in the vehicle.
  • Auxiliary camping or tent set-up in the RV area is not permitted.
  • Companion vehicles (additional cars, trucks, motorbikes, etc.) are not permitted with an RV pass.
  • RV camping spaces will be assigned upon arrival on a first-come, first-served basis. Specific RV camping spots cannot be reserved or guaranteed.
  • Your RV MUST fit in a 20’ x 50’ space.

An RV is defined as any of the following:

1. Travel Trailers
2. 5th Wheels
3. Tent Trailers
4. Pop-Up Trailers
5. Class A & Class C Motorhomes
6. Truck Campers
7. Camper Vans with sleeping accommodations (Not a Passenger Van)
8. Winnebagos

Please note NO Box Trucks, Cargo Trucks, or 12-15 Passenger Vans will be allowed!


  • RV Passes must be purchased in advance (There will be a limited amount of RV Passes).
  • RV’s must fit in a 20’ x 50’ space.
  • Every vehicle entering the RV Park must have an RV Pass.
  • RV hook-ups are not available. Your RV must be self-sustainable.
  • All RV’s and patrons entering in the RV are subject to search upon entry. Prohibited items will be confiscated. Please see our Camping FAQs for a full list of the Allowed & Prohibited items.
  • Pemberton Music Festival does not rent RVs to ticket holders, or have any arrangements with contractors to rent RVs to ticket holders.